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Atari 2600: Cosmic Commuter

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The year is 2075 A.D. Space has become little more than one big traffic jam filled with angry commuters. The solution? Take the Astrobus! As a new employee of the Galactic Travel Authority, it's your job to pick up eight commuters in each level. To do this, you'll first need to land your Rocket Module on the planet surface and then separate the Astrobus from its base. Piloting the Astrobus involves moving the joystick up or down, while the fire button is used to destroy various obstacles floating in space.

Shoot or avoid meteors, mines and fireballs while watching the Route Scanner Strip along the bottom of the screen. Once you spot a commuter on the ground, move down and touch him to pick him up. Grab all eight commuters, return to the Rocket Module and you'll blast off to start the next level. Besides avoiding space debris and picking up commuters, players must also be on the lookout for fuel pods. Your ship will start sputtering when the tank gets down to three units (it starts at nine), so run over pods to keep your Astrobus flying high in the sky. Every 10,000 points earns you another bus.

Identifier atari_2600_cosmic_commuter_1984_activision_john_van_ryzin_ag-038-04
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